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From my "Urban Wanderers" series! Printed in my studio in Bloomington, Indiana, using all archival pigment inks on acid-free matte photo paper, with a white border to make framing easy. Pigment inks and paper are rated to last at least 90 years.

Available as an 8x10 or 11x14 (both standard sizes for framing!)

This print is in landscape format.

Each piece comes signed and will be shipped flat in a rigid mailer via First Class USPS.

***Please note this print arrives unframed***


White-tailed deer are found in Central and North America, and are the most common deer species in America. Their four-chambered stomachs allow them to digest anything from leaves, twigs, moss, and even mushrooms that are poisonous to humans. White-tailed deer can run 30 miles per hour and jump higher than 8 feet. They have excellent eyesight and hearing, and are even good enough swimmers to escape predators by crossing rivers or lakes with relative ease. True to its name, the white-tailed deer has a white tail, though only on the underside. When faced with a threat, they will raise their tails, signaling the other deer in its herd to either flee or retaliate.

White-Tailed Deer Print, unframed

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