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From my "Oceanic" series! Printed in my studio in St. Louis, using all archival pigment inks on acid-free matte photo paper, with a white border to make framing easy. Pigment inks and paper are rated to last at least 90 years.

Available as an 8x10 or 11x14 (both standard sizes for framing!)

This print is in landscape format.

Each piece comes signed and will be shipped flat in a rigid mailer via First Class USPS.


Polar bears live in countries that ring the Arctic circle: Canada, Russia, Norway, Greenland, and Alaska in the U.S. They spend most of their lives on sea ice and are the only bears to be considered a marine mammal. They use the sea ice to hunt seals, which make up most of their diet. Polar bears have black skin under their coats, which helps them soak up the sun’s rays and keep warm. Rising global temperatures mean that sea ice is melting earlier and forming later each year, leaving polar bears less time to hunt for food.

Swimming Polar Bear Print

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