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From my "Aviary" series! Printed in my studio in Bloomington, Indiana, using all archival pigment inks on acid-free matte photo paper, with a white border to make framing easy. Pigment inks and paper are rated to last at least 90 years.


Available as an 8x10 or 11x14 (both standard sizes for framing!)


This print is in landscape format.


Each piece comes signed and will be shipped flat in a rigid mailer via First Class USPS.


***Please note this print arrives unframed***

Fun Baltimore oriole facts!


The Baltimore oriole is the state bird of Maryland, but it has a stronger connection to Maryland than just being found in the state. The bird is named for the colorful coat of arms carried by George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore in the 17th century, who was the nobleman charged with chartering what would become Maryland. Of course, the bird is also popular as a mascot, most notably with the Baltimore Orioles Major League Baseball team. Baltimore orioles are monogamous birds that pair together after elaborate courtship rituals that include tail and wing spread displays and bowing to show off plumage colors. Though shy, Baltimore orioles will readily come to yards that provide their favorite foods, including grape jelly, orange halves, nectar, and suet. Birders should avoid spraying pesticides that can eliminate insects as a food source. Adding a fruit tree to the yard is another way to help attract these birds, particularly cherry or mulberry. In the backyard, they prefer feeding stations away from the busiest areas, preferably in a shaded area near secure shelter.

Baltimore Oriole Print, unframed

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