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Art + Illustration by Sally Harless

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Do you ❤️ getting things in the mail as much as I do? I have longed for the days of 20 years ago when my friends and I sent each other fun stuff 📬 The term "good mail day" used to be a thing and it was exciting! So, introducing The Snail Mail Club! 🐌

Every month I'll send a little something to you in the mail. A postcard, a magnet, a sticker, a greeting card, etc... Each piece will have new artwork!

You'll also get to read my secret blog, emailed to you every other week. Your support means the world to me and helps me to keep creating art!

Click here to join the Snail Mail Club!



Upcoming Events

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SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 3PM-9pm
more info here


Saturday, JUly 13 
bloomingtOn, IN
more info here


August 9+10 
nashville, TN
more info here

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