Upcoming Events!


Strange Folk Festival
September 28-30th
Carondelet Park 
St. Louis, MO

New shadow box in the shop! Limited edition of 100. Click here to get one on Etsy!


I've been making more art than I've made in years! And I'm documenting the process, along with writings about being an artist and running a business, on my new Patreon page. What is Patreon, you say? It's a platform made to support all kinds of creators, where you can give a small amount each month for awesome rewards. So far, it's been really awesome for me because it's keeping me accountable, connected to people who like my work, and helping to offset some of the bajillions of costs of running a business. If you want to see works in progress and read my secret blog, please do consider supporting me over on Patreon! 


I've been spending my summer working towards fall shows, drawing my 2018 calendar, moving, laying in a hammock, searching for the right dog, and going on lots of walks! And I've been adding my Kindred Spirits collection to Etsy. Check them out here!



New limited edition printed shadow box in the shop!

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