Upcoming Events:

Due to the coronavirus, I don't know if any of the events I have listed will happen. All of my spring events have been cancelled. Craft shows and art events are my main source of income and the reason that I'm able to create art, educate people about animals, and create things to put in people's homes to make them happy. If you want to and have the means to help my one-woman business get through this weird and scary time, please consider supporting me on Patreon, or buying something from my Etsy shop. Thanks for reading <3

Let Them Eat Art
Maplewood, Missouri
August 21

Tower Grove Pride
Saturday, August 29

Lots of new stuff has been happening! I am drawing up a storm and experiementing with new mediums that make me giddy. If you like my work and want to support me, I would be forever greatful if you become a patron of mine! You'll see weekly works in progress and get exclusive artwork! 


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