Aardvark Gems- 8x10 print


This is a print from my "Nocturnal" series. Every piece in the series depicts a nocturnal animal with some element related to nighttime!

I originally made this with watercolor, graphite, and iridescent paint. I then scanned and printed it in my home studio using all archival pigment inks on acid-free matte photo paper, with a white border to make framing easy. Pigment inks and paper are rated to last at least 90 years.

This print is in landscape format.

Each piece comes signed and will be shipped flat in a rigid mailer via First Class USPS.
Aardvarks live in sub-Saharan Africa and almost exclusively eat ants and termites. They have powerful feet and claws and use them to dig burrows that they live in underground. They have an ability to seal their nostrils to keep out dust and insects!